About Us

What is Proctor360?

 Proctor360 is the first of its kind –

The most comprehensive and secure remote testing option on the market.

Proctor360 is a service that allows test takers to take any exam from the convenience of their home or office while minimizing cheating and content theft.

 We use a unique headset with a 360° camera to gain a complete view of the testing space.

The headset consists of the 360° camera, a mic to enable listening of the space, and a speaker to communicate with the tester. This coupled with a computer camera and a lockout web browser allows us to get multi-angle view of the test space.

We monitor:

  • The overhead 360° view of the testing space
  • A front view of the tester
  • Any noise in the area
  • A screen capture of the user computer

All data is fed Live to our proctors and is Recorded for future audit!

Our certified proctors are trained to thoroughly monitor the environment and lookout for cheating behavior.

Threats in unsecured online Proctored Testing

User Experience: Only a 5 Step Process

The Team Behind Proctor360

Our team consists of experienced individuals who have worked in the proctoring industry for years and/or have developed businesses in the past. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are able to make the decisions necessary to effectively impact the market.  We see the advantages and the opportune timing of Proctor360 being introduced as a modern solution to remote testing.

By building a strong coalition of certified proctors, promoting the security of 360° surveillance, and relying on the deep and broad experience of each member of our team, we are confident that we can disrupt the testing industry with our technology.

Ganga Bathula

Ganga Bathula

Chief Executive Officer

Ganga has more than ten years of experience in proctoring services and was part of proctoring business evolution from class room paper based to brick & mortar testing centers, and to next generation online proctoring. He owns and operates multiple proctoring centers. He has hands on experience in proctoring services from content authoring to customer delivery and the current issues in secure test delivery. Holds US and International patents and has very strong entrepreneur skills with excellent academic record in engineering and management.

Don Kassner

Don Kassner

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Kassner is a life-long entrepreneur who has helped launch and grow ventures in the service industry, training, testing, higher education and ed-tech. Mr Kassner was the founder and CEO of ProctorU, the leading remote proctoring company in the world, from 2008-2016. He was also the president of Andrew Jackson University and CFO of Auto University. Mr Kassner has an MA in Economics from San Jose State University, where he served a member of the faculty from 2002-2009.

Kranthi Bathula

Kranthi Bathula

Chief Technology Officer

Kranthi grew up in the proctoring business, he's worked from the proctor level all the way to business development. He understands the importance of both the tech side and business side working together to provide a great experience for the customer. His work in engineering and design have given him the opportunity to work with and for various universities and companies. He has researched various topics and built devices that offer practical solutions. His ability to quickly learn and adapt based on situation make him a great asset.

George Siragusa

George Siragusa

Chief Strategist - Finance & Sales

Mr. Siragusa is a Senior Business Adviser, mentor to startups and Venture Company CEOs and their teams. George mentors students and coaches and consults with three D.C. area startups in three different accelerators / actuators on strategic innovation, marketing strategy, sales development and customer acquisition, channel management, financial projections and investor readiness and preparation. He is an Adjunct Professor and Sr. Business Adviser at George Mason University School of Engineering and at George Mason's Enterprise Center respectively. George's experience spans two parallel 30+ year careers ending as a Global Executive at ExxonMobil, and in Command leadership positions as a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy, serving both active and reserve tours.

Sandra Taylor

Sandra Taylor

Human Resource Director

Sandra Taylor, HR Administrator for Proctor 360, recognizes that the landscape of the human resource professional is evolving. Her 15 years of experience allows her to seamlessly transition from employee development and recruitment to business leadership and strategic planning. Because she regards the staff of Proctor 360 as our most important asset, Our Program management system plays well to Sandra's experience in the areas of learning and development, talent management and workforce planning, compensation and benefits, audit and compliance, as well as on demand support. She strives to develop strategies for an internal environment of diversity and inclusion that recognizes the global environment in which Proctor 360 is poised to operate. Ms Taylor holds BS, MS and DBA

Davis Cook

Davis Cook

Marketing and Media Manager

Davis Cook has been the content creator and marketing manager for many successful projects. From television series directing to commercials and online campaigns he covers a wide range of media skill sets. As a master story teller and writer he creates an intrigue and excitement that captures the viewing audience. His mission to make the message clear and vibrant and stand above the rest shines through in every project. Creating impacting content is his passion and joy. Completed many projects from concepts to completion in Marketing and Media management. Excellent team player and creative thinker.