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AFIP Motorcycles Exam
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Rules & Procedures:

• You will be required to take a face photo, an ID photo, and perform a 360˚ sweep of the testing environment using your webcam to verify no cheating materials are present.

• Testing environment must be clear and free of notes, cell phones, loose papers, etc. This includes the table/desk where the exam is taken.

• You may only use a single screen/monitor during this exam.

• No other body may be present in the test environment throughout the session.

• Exam should be completed in 1 sitting.

• You are allowed 1-bathroom break not to exceed 5 minutes. The exam timer will continue to run during the break.

• If you experience internet failure or close out, the exam can be attempted again but will require you to start from the beginning. You will be given the full time to take the exam again.

• Have your computer charged or plugged in before beginning the proctoring session.

• Close all Applications, Web-pages, and Tabs except for Proctor360 when Checking-In.

• Once Checked-In to your session read the “Exam Instructions” and verify that you understand through the Chat Box (bottom right of page).

• The proctor will provide the exam link and any credentials through the Chat Box, open the link in a new tab. Some exams may be delivered in 2 parts, once complete with the first, return to the Procto360 tab for the second portion of the exam.

• Once finished with the exam, return to the Proctor360 tab and end the Proctoring Session by clicking ‘Finish Exam’.

• Failure to follow the Rules & Procedures will be considered an INCIDENT and will be reported to your Test Organization.