Proctor360 Q&A Webinar recap

At Proctor360, our mission is to enable test-takers to take any exam from the comfort of their own homes or offices while remote proctors ensure a fair and secure testing experience through both software and hardware that minimize cheating and content theft.  

Founded by industry veterans with successful backgrounds in live testing centers and with remote testing startups, Proctor360 provides efficient virtual testing processes focused on academic integrity.

We recently held an exclusive investor Q&A webinar, where we had the opportunity to answer some burning questions from our investor community!

What are some big industry problems?

Scott: One of the biggest problems with the industry as a whole is that most of the major players only provide one type of proctoring. For some, it’s all automated with AI, for others the focus is on live proctors watching through a standard webcam, and still others primarily do what’s called “record & review”, which means the test session is just recorded and then somebody reviews it later. A lot of them don't offer this level of flexibility, where you have a software platform where you can Proctor your own students' exams using our software. With Proctor360, our customers can choose between live single webcam with our proctors, fully automated AI proctoring, and then nobody has the 360 Total View service, but us. Added to that, we offer a cloud-based software solution that allows our customers to proctor their own students’ exams using our platform.

Can you provide some details behind the engineering team and strategy? 

Kranthi: There are a few different components in terms of engineering that we do. Obviously there's a software component. We have a pretty diverse engineering team on the software development side. We work with them to be able to improve existing products, add additional features, and improve efficiency all across the board. When we're dealing with software, whether it's on the actual platform or whether it's with the servers, we work very closely with AWS to make sure everything is as efficient as possible.  The other side of engineering is the hardware, which is the headset component for our 360 Total View service. We utilize electrical engineers as well as the mechanical design which is done internally. All of that is critical to building company value by creating a proprietary product and key intellectual property.

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For a deeper dive into our Q&A webinar, we strongly encourage you to watch our recent recap video!

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