RegisterBlast Integration for Remote Proctoring


Exam sessions can now be scheduled through RegisterBlast and automatically administered through Proctor360's platform.

This brings together the power of our unrivaled remote proctoring service with easy exam scheduling and registration.  If your institution already uses RegisterBlast, then you'll love how easy it is to schedule exams and make them available to your students for registration.

Whether you use our proctors or yours, our RegisterBlast integration streamlines the remote exam process for your instructors and students.


New to RegisterBlast and/or Proctor360?

Automate your remote exam signups!

Eliminate manual exam registration processes for your students and seamlessly integrate exam scheduling with our entire proctoring platform.  Let our Solutions Specialists show you just how easy it is with Proctor360's RegisterBlast integration.

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Benefits to Integration

  • Automate scheduling of Exam Sessions
  • Control the hours of operation by designating time slots
  • Simple view of all scheduled exam sessions through our Platform Calendar
  • Manage proctors and set Student/Proctor ratios
  • Schedule exams directly on the Proctor360 platform
  • All exam sessions are auditable!

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Avoid the hassle of manually scheduling and proctoring remote exams. Adopt Proctor360 and RegisterBlast to automate the entire process of remote testing and to run your own Remote Proctoring operation.

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