Proctor360 offers the option of flawless integration with learning management systems and platforms to make scheduling and taking tests a breeze. With no additional sign-in info needed beyond that required by the LMS single sign-on, logging in for exams has never been easier or more secure.

The recent increase in demand for online course offerings means a growing demand for safer remote test-taking options. Proctor360’s flexible software solutions and integrations put your needs at the center of your university’s learning assessments.

Learning Management Systems



No additional login info is needed thanks to Proctor360’s partnership with Moodle. One-stop sign-in means no extra hassle. Count on safety for both the administrator and test-taker while holding remote assessment platforms to a higher standard.



With Proctor360’s seamless integration with Canvas by Instructure, students won’t have to think twice when signing on to take a learning assessment. Minimize content theft and maximize data security.



Create a great online learning environment through BlackBoard when integrating Proctor360. Safely schedule and take tests with the knowledge that data integrity is at the core of this partnership.

Platform Integrations

Platform Integration 1


Manage your plans for online testing anytime, anywhere. Combining the power of RegisterBlast with the all-in-one Proctor360 system gives institutions and test-takers complete safe and customizable flexibility.

Platform Integration 2

Avant Assessment

Proctor360 integrates easily with Avant Assessment to bring you the best in simple and secure language proficiency tests. Say goodbye to rote-based, grammar-focused language education, and make way for real-world application through Avant and Proctor360’s partnership.

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