Add Remote Proctoring To Canvas Courses

Add Remote Proctoring To Canvas With Ease

With Proctor360's Canvas LMS Integration, instructors can add remote proctoring to any online exam.  Choose between AI and Live Remote Proctoring for each exam and allow students to schedule their exam session directly within the course!

Our robust online proctoring platform features full integration with Canvas, and it enables instructors to configure each exam with the type of proctoring required.  Set a schedule, provide instructions to the proctors and students, and link the exam to the course.  When students have completed the exam, the instructor can access all test session recordings directly within the Canvas course interface.

Eliminate Remote Proctoring Anxiety For Your Students

Your students don't need the added stress of navigating a separate proctoring system just to take an online test.  They're already comfortable with the Canvas courseware, and we've designed our platform to provide remote proctoring for online exams without the need for additional software.

Reducing the anxiety students sometimes feel when being proctored remotely results in better outcomes and less stress when learning online.  Students can register for an exam and schedule their session within Canvas, and all they have to do is click the exam link within the course to start the check-in process at the scheduled time.

Let us show you just how easy it is to take a Canvas exam with Proctor360's platform.  Book a live demo with our team today.

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Adding remote proctoring to any Canvas exam is simple with Proctor360.

Your instructors don't need the added burden of dealing with separate systems or portals just to make sure their online tests are proctored.  Our integrated platform allows them to configure each and every exam they've already created in their Canvas courses directly within the LMS environment.  It's simple!

Once the exam is created in Canvas, all they do is add the Proctor360 external tool to the course module, copy the link to the test, and click on the external tool to set up the exam for remote proctoring.  They can choose between Live and AI proctoring for each test, select specific security requirements, add notes for the proctor, and even provide instructions that the student receives at the start of their session.

When the test sessions are completed, the instructor has direct access to all session recordings, which capture the test taker's webcam, screen activity, incident notes from the proctor, and even the audio.  Let us show you how easy it is...

Instructors, TA's, and Staff Can Proctor, too.

Proctor360 offers a complete range of services that includes both AI and Live remote proctoring.  But we offer even more.  Your own staff can use our platform to proctor your students' online exams remotely from anywhere.  Students can interact with your instructors and staff during their test session via live chat if they have any questions or need assistance.  This feature is great for colleges, universities, schools and organizations who want or need to use their own team for remote proctoring.

Now, any online class at any grade level can take online exams with the same security as the classroom.

Eliminate the hassle of separate proctoring services.  Reduce your students' test anxiety.  Take control of the online testing experience while still maintaining exam integrity.

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