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Innovative & Secure Online Proctoring Services

Proctor360 provides some of the most secure and flexible services for online proctoring, combating academic dishonesty with trustworthy online proctoring solutions.

Conventional online proctoring services that many colleges, universities, and other organizations have used for more than a decade involve only the test taker’s front-facing camera. For less essential exams, this technology may suffice, but it often leaves too much leeway for exam takers to cheat by hiding materials in the single camera’s blind spots.

Unlike other online proctoring companies with limited services, Proctor360 provides innovative, exclusive solutions to secure online exam sessions beyond just a single camera, that are compatible with various softwares.

A 360° Total View Online Proctoring Service

Proctor360 offers 360° Total View, a service that consists of a proprietary testing headset with a 360-degree webcam, microphone, and earphones for online test takers. This online proctoring platform records video from the 360° webcam, a standard front-facing webcam, as well as a live screen recording of the exam session. Through these measures, our proctors can guarantee complete security and avoid cheating by essentially monitoring the entire testing environment of each exam taker.

This revolutionary online proctoring service provides the opportunity for many exams to be expanded into the online exam realm. With 360° Total View, Proctor360 can monitor many types of exam formats including paper-based, online-based, as well as a combination of the two, preventing academic dishonesty.

Furthermore, since this amount of security is comparable to that of in-person exams, essential certification exams that previously were not eligible for online testing could be considered for online proctoring.

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Versatile Solutions For All Online Proctoring Services

Proctor360 offers not only the complete secure 360° Total View service, but a variety of other online proctor services to accommodate any need:

  • Among our services is standard webcam proctoring combined with screen recording, ideal for less consequential tests.
  • Other options include our AI-powered auto proctoring, an affordable alternative that involves artificial intelligence capable of monitoring an exam session and notifying of possible incidents. The proctoring also is reviewed after the session by human proctors to reduce errors.
  • In addition, our Institutional SaaS solution can be paired with your own proctoring staff by providing our proctoring software platform as a service, offering training and certification programs for proctors who can then use our software for live testing.

Simple and Versatile Integration

Our online proctoring services have been validated by various Learning Management Systems (LMS) and test engines. This flexibility allows our services to be easily incorporated with miscellaneous other tools that you may use already. Even exam registration has a multitude of options, including directly on our website or through RegisterBlast, a common service that many higher education institutions use to manage registration and scheduling.

At Proctor360, we are perpetually updating our list of compatible software incorporations and can work to provide support for unconventional or in-house technology. We can work with you to test and adapt our online proctoring services to be suitable for your technology.

Pick a Versatile, Inexpensive, and Safe Online Proctoring Service

The market for online proctoring largely consists of basic platforms and services with little developments in technology for over a decade. Unlike our competitors, we have innovation, secure services that are adaptable for a diverse range of tests, organizations, and services. Reach out to us today for a demonstration of our platform and the solutions we can provide!

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