Verify Your Applicants' Skills BEFORE You Hire

Simple, Affordable Remote Proctoring For Pre-employment Testing

Verify Your Applicants' Skills BEFORE You Hire

Simple, Affordable Remote Proctoring For Pre-employment Testing

Hire the right candidate the first time and reduce turnover.

Company growth can put a heavy burden on Human Resources departments, but pre-employment assessments can be a value tool to determine which applicants should be considered for a role.  So why do you still find you've hired candidates who don't have the skills they need to do the job?  Sometimes, it simply comes down to validation.  When the assessment process is conducted online, the simple fact is that some candidates will cheat on a test to land a job.  If you can verify that the pre-employment tests are a true reflection of the applicant's skills, it can go a long way toward making the right hire the first time.

Not all job applicants are completely honest.

According to an international poll conducted in 2015 by First Advantage, a background screening analytics provider, as many as 23% of job candidates admitted to exaggerating the truth about their qualifications on their resume and in job interviews in order to land a job.  As the hiring process continues to move toward a fully remote process, it's not hard to imagine that at least as many candidates are willing to cheat during online pre-employment assessments.  They can look up answers online, they can receive help from friends and peers, and they can even have someone else take tests for them.

That spells trouble for hiring managers.  If you can't trust that a candidate's test results are legitimate, then what's the point?  Pre-employment testing is expected to grow dramatically within HR practices, and it can be a valuable way to measure an applicant's qualification for a role, but the test itself is not enough.  You need an efficient, affordable way to verify the candidate's  test in order to make the right hire.

Proctor360: A Simple, Affordable Solution For Every Online Test


Our cloud-based platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence to verify and monitor your candidates during their pre-employment test sessions.  We connect your tests, you give them a link to register for a session, they take the test with real time AI proctoring that flags and records any potential cheating incidents, and you review the sessions.

AI and Live Proctoring Available for Any Online Test

When your candidate has reached the point in the application process where they need to take an online assessment, our system takes over.

You simply send them the link to our platform where they register for and schedule their test session.  Our system automatically verifies the candidate's name and photo ID during the check-in process to verify that it's the correct person taking the test.

The system monitors and records the candidate's webcam, audio, and screen activity throughout the session, and any detected incidents are screenshotted and timestamped for human review.  You and your staff have real time access to a web-based dashboard where you can review live and past sessions  and any detected incidents where cheating or deception may have occurred.

Valid Assessments Lead to Better Hiring

Proctor360's remote proctoring platform for pre-employments assessments helps you identify the right candidates by validating their online test sessions and assuring you that the results of any online test you give them accurately reflects their qualifications.

Remove all doubt by using Proctor360's flexible, affordable platform for all your pre-employment testing needs.

Reduce Hiring Workload With Powerful Automated Features

You need valid assessments, but you don't need to increase your workload.  That's why Proctor360's platform handles everything for you.  When a candidate reaches the point in your workflow when it's time for them to take a pre-employment test, all you have to do is send them a link to register for the test.  They'll register on our platform and schedule their test session.  

When the test session begins, our AI-powered platform verifies the candidate's ID during check-in to make sure they're not having someone else take the exam for them.  It compares their webcam photo with the photo and name on their ID at the beginning of the session.  When their exam begins, the candidate's screen activity, webcam, and audio is monitored and recorded, and AI detects common behaviors that may indicate cheating or other prohibited activities.

Every incident is screenshotted and time-stamped, making it a simple process to review candidate sessions to determine whether they should move forward in the hiring process.  All candidate sessions are immediately available via your private, web-based dashboard to access and review.  Sessions may be stored for as long or as short a period time as you need in order to support your hiring process.

Add Proctor360 to your pre-employment testing in as little as THREE DAYS.


Case Study: Verifying Computer Literacy of Candidates

Hiring for roles like Data Entry is typically an ongoing process for SME Human Resources departments, and it's important to know that the candidates you're hiring are qualified and have the necessary skills to do the job.  That's why Hollis Cobb, a financial services company serving the healthcare industry, screens hundreds of applicants annually with third-party pre-employment assessments to verify their skills.  To make sure the candidates aren't cheating at this crucial stage, they've integrated their third-party test providers' testing platform with Proctor360 AI Auto-proctoring.  

Because our platform features built-in scheduling and candidate registration, Hollis Cobb is able to automate this process and reduce the workload of their HR team.  When a candidate is ready for testing, Hollis Cobb sends them a registration link and they schedule their test session on Proctor360's platform.  The check-in, ID verification, and test proctoring is all performed by our powerful and reliable AI.  

When the candidate completes their tests, Hollis Cobb's team has instant access to review any incidents detected by the system and determine whether to advance the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process or invalidate their test results.

No more guess work.  No more unqualified candidates.  Just efficient, verified results.

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