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Your certification exams are a critical part of professional advancement.  Making the exams available online while maintaining the integrity of the credential requires a secure, modern, remote proctoring platform...

And we’ve got you covered.

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Protecting the Value of Certified  Professional Credentials

The integrity of any professional certification relies on exam security.  When your professionals take an exam, it's important that the industry respects that exam and how it was delivered.  While it might seem easy to require in-person testing, physical testing centers pose challenges:

  • Test Center Location Availability
  • Customer & Test Taker Support
  • Inconvenient Scheduling

All of these problems can be solved by making your exams available online, and Proctor360 offers turn-key solutions that make that possible for your organization.  Our flexible, affordable remote proctoring services provide the right level of exam security each exam you offer.  With our patented 360 Total View™ service, even high stakes professional certification exams can be taken remotely-- including paper-based exams.  And our options for Live Standard Webcam and AI-based proctoring provide a secure, reliable compliment for lower-stakes exams as well.

In addition to providing secure options for proctoring your exams online, Proctor360 can help your organization move your existing exam content to online delivery by providing a secure test engine and question bank if needed.  This allows your organization to focus on what matters most: developing the most relevant and appropriate exam content for the credentials you offer, while Proctor360 acts as a single trusted vendor for exam delivery and proctoring.

Turn-Key Solutions For Making Your Exams Available Online

Total Flexibility

  • All Exam Types (Online AND Paper-based)
  • AI, Webcam, and 360 Total View™ Options
  • LMS & Test Engine Integration
  • Integrated Registration & ID Verification
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support

A Single-Vendor Solution

  • Secure Exam Session Archiving
  • US-Based Proctors
  • Cloud-based, Scalable Platform
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing
  • Simple, Straight-forward Onboarding

Don't just take our word for it.  We'll show you.

Proctor360 currently offers remote proctoring and question bank management for, among others, the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals and the U.S. State Department Office of Foreign Missions.  No matter what volume of exams you deliver annually or how big or small your organization is, the credentials you provide matter.  Protecting the integrity of your certification exams while meeting the needs of your professionals by offering an online exam option is a simple, straightforward process with Proctor360.

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