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TaftU – Rules & Procedures:

• Please download Chrome Remote Desktop browser extension BEFORE your scheduled exam session. Your proctor will need this to allow you access to your exam. https://remotedesktop.google.com/support/

• Make sure the ExamSoft application is running before you begin Check-In at your scheduled time.

• Close all Applications, Webpages, and Tabs except for Proctor360 & ExamSoft when Checking-In.

• You will be required to take a face photo, an ID photo, and perform a 360˚ sweep of the testing environment using your webcam to verify no cheating materials are present.

• Testing environment must be clear and free of notes, cell phones, loose papers, etc. This includes the table/desk where the exam is taken.

• You may only use a single screen/monitor during this exam.

• No other body may be present in the test environment throughout the session.

• Exam should be completed in 1 sitting.

• You are allowed 1-bathroom break not to exceed 5 minutes. The exam timer will continue to run during the break.

• If an event beyond the your control, such as an internet failure or a power failure results in an exam being closed prematurely, please notify Proctor 360 and Taft Law School to reschedule the exam.

• Have your computer charged or plugged in before beginning the proctoring session.

• Once Checked-In to your session read and follow the “Exam Instructions”. You can communicate with the Proctor through the Chat Box (bottom right of page).

• The proctor will remotely control your computer using Chrome Remote Desktop, take you to ExamSoft and enter the required credentials to begin your exam.

• Once finished with the exam, return to the Proctor360 tab and end the Proctoring Session by clicking ‘Finish Exam’.

• Failure to follow the Rules & Procedures will be considered an INCIDENT and will be reported to your University.

• Online Exam Selections will receive a link to their exam sessions after booking and payment.

• If you require special accommodations please contact Proctor360 directly at [email protected] AFTER you have confirmed them with Taft Law School.