Remote Proctoring Solutions for Your Test Center

Go Remote! - Use our software to proctor your test takers

Proctor360 offers a remote proctoring solution to allow your test center to move to online proctoring. Proctors understand the importance of their role to ease test taker anxiety, prevent academic dishonesty, and maintain organization standards. Use the staff you already have available to maintain organization standards.

How Proctor360's Platform Benefits You

  • Easy onboarding with training materials (4-5 hours of materials with certification) for your proctors
  • Video and Sound Monitoring
  • LMS Integration
  • Live, Record and Review, or AI-based proctoring
  • Proctor multiple students at a time
  • Scalable solutions to meet volume needs

Easy Transition to Remote Proctoring

  • Use your own staff with our easy onboarding
  • No need for any new equipment, our SaaS platform only requires a web browser
  • Use the space in your centers that are already set up for proctoring

See How Easy It Is To Go Online

Use your own professional proctors. Move your testing online. Save money with our scalable solutions. 

We want to learn about your needs, and we'll walk you through the process of adopting a remote proctoring service with your professional proctors.

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