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Innovative & Secure Remote Proctoring Services

Proctor360 offers the most secure and flexible solutions for remote proctoring services in the industry. When exam integrity and test content security are crucial, there is nothing more valuable than a remote proctoring service you can trust.

For more than a decade, colleges and training organizations have been using remote proctoring services that only utilize the test taker’s front-facing webcam. This technology might be sufficient for less critical exams, but it is simply too easy for a test taker to cheat by hiding materials outside the single camera’s field of view.

Most remote proctoring service providers have not advanced beyond this single camera technology, but Proctor360 has developed innovative and proprietary solutions that make remote exam sessions far more secure.

A 360° Total View Remote Proctoring Service

Our 360° Total View service utilizes a proprietary testing headset that incorporates a 360-degree webcam, microphone, and earphones which test takers use while taking their remote exams. Our remote proctoring platform captures 360-degree video from the headset, the video from the test taker’s front-facing webcam, and live screen recording during the exam session. This allows our proctors to monitor virtually all of the testing environment to ensure total security and prevent cheating.

This totally exclusive remote proctoring service makes it possible to administer many exam types that could not be taken remotely in the past. In addition to computer-based testing, Proctor360 is able to monitor paper-based exams and computer/paper hybrid exams. Empowered by Total View, our proctors can prevent cheating in these formats. 

And because this level of security rivals in-person testing centers, critical certification exams that were never available for remote testing in the past now have a viable remote proctoring service option.

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Flexible Solutions For All Remote Proctoring Services

In addition to the complete security of our 360° Total View service, Proctor360 offers a broad range of remote proctoring services that are flexible enough to meet all your needs.

  • For less critical exams, Proctor360 also offers standard single webcam proctoring that includes screen recording as well.
  • For the most affordable remote proctoring service, we offer AI-powered auto proctoring that utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor the exam session and flag potential incidents which undergo human review when the session is complete.
  • For live testing centers and colleges or universities that already have their own proctoring staff, our Institutional SaaS solution makes our proctoring software platform available as a service. We provide training and certification to your proctors, and they use our software to proctor your students’ exams.

Easy And Flexible Integration

Our remote proctoring service can be integrated into a wide range of tools you already use as a part of your technology stack. We have validated the functionality of our platform with several Learning Management Systems (LMS) and test engines, and registering for an exam can be handled in multiple ways – by registering directly on the Proctor360 website and even through the popular RegisterBlast service which many schools use to automate remote exam sign-ups and scheduling.

Proctor360 is continually adding to its growing list of fully validated software integrations. And if you use non-standard or in-house solutions, we’ll work with you to test and validate them for complete compatibility with our remote proctoring service.

Choose the Most Flexible, Affordable, and Secure Remote Proctoring Service Available

While our competitors are content to offer the same basic technology that’s been in use for over a decade, Proctor360 has developed new, secure solutions that make remote proctoring possible for a wide range of exam types and organizations. Contact us today to see our platform in action and learn about all the solutions we offer.

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