Redefining the way you take exams
Our goal is your goal: expand access to education and opportunity. We know the merits earned online are only as valuable as the integrity and trust behind them.
Live-Secured Proctoring
We use a unique headset with a 360° camera to gain a complete view of the testing space.
Total testing evironment control
We control the testing environment through our advances tools and technology.
Test Security and Fairness
High security and fairness in test delivery

Looking to take a proctored exam?

    Proctor 360 can help with all of your proctoring needs. We are dedicated to providing fast, secure and reliable proctoring services to our clients. Our services include:
  •  Live-secure proctoring
  • Record and review proctoring
  • Web Based, Paper Based & Hybrid Exams


Real time Monitoring

Proctor360 allows for real time monitoring of exams, giving you security, comfort and accessibility.

At your own pace

Schedule an exam with us, either online or over the phone.

360 degree Camera

Our services incorporate a 360° range of motion to give a complete view of the testing enviroment

Community builder

Looking for more information on what exams we proctor? Contact us at [email protected]!

How does Proctor360 work?


Schedule a proctored exam with us here:

Receive the materials

Proctor360 will mail out the headset camera and other exam materials.

Take the exam

Once the camera and other materials have arrived, we will help you get setup and proctor your exam.

Return the materials

With your exam done, you will ship back the camera and that is it!

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Get the demo

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Ready to Certify!

Certifications are an industry standard that will bring clients closer to achieving their goals. With Proctor 360°, we help you take that one important step, so you can reach those goals.