Multi-cam Live Remote Proctoring

See more of the remote testing environment by capturing views from the webcam, screen activity, AND the candidate's cell phone-- positioned to see whatever you need in real time.
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Remote Proctoring That Sees MORE

Use the candidate's cell phone as second camera view for online exams.

With Multi-cam Live Proctoring, we provide an even more secure option for high stakes exams. Multi-cam uses the student’s cell phone as a secondary camera that can capture part of the testing environment that is typically out of view of the standard webcam, such as their desktop or the area behind the camera.

This provides more security not only because it sees MORE of the testing environment, but it also renders the candidate’s cell phone unusable for any attempted misconduct during the session.

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Enabling the mobile camera is as simple as scanning a QR code on-screen

No apps to install...

Works with any Android or iPhone device.

Our Multi-cam Live service doesn't put any extra technical burden on the test candidate.  There are no apps to install in order to enable their webcam, and the check-in process is simple.

During check-in, the test candidate connects their cell phone to the platform by scanning a QR code with the camera on their cell phone,  and the live proctor instructs them where and how to place the cell phone so that it
records the area of the testing environment specified by you.

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