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Proctor360's platform enables organizations of all types– including schools, online academies, corporate training departments, certification programs, and government agencies– to proctor exams remotely with flexible options for each and every test. Not all tests are the same, and the appropriate proctoring options can be chosen for each exam within a fully integrated platform that acts as a transparent layer on top of the testing experience. And when it comes to trust and transparency, there is no greater tool than a secure dashboard where all exam sessions can be reviewed immediately or even audited while an exam is in progress.

Let us show you some key features that make our platform a unique and powerful solution for proctoring exams remotely– whether online, on paper, or hybrid format.

Supported Remote Proctoring Types:

  • 360 Total View Live Proctoring (Patented technology for capturing the ENTIRE testing environment)
  • Multi-Webcam Live Proctoring (Webcam and Mobile Phone cam, Screenshare, and Audio)
  • Single Webcam Live Proctoring (Standard Webcam, Screenshare, and Audio)
  • AI Auto-Proctoring (Non-disruptive, Full ID Verification, Visual and Audio)
  • Institutional SaaS Proctoring (Our platform. YOUR proctors.)

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