Proctor Your Own Test Candidates Remotely

Easy to use cloud-based software designed for institutions to proctor their own online exams.
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A Scalable Software Solution for Proctoring Remote Exams

Our cloud-based remote proctoring platform is ready to integrate with your institution’s exam registration and delivery tools.

Use your own proctors and monitor student exams sessions online from anywhere.

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Your standards are important.

Our software puts YOU in control of remote proctoring.

No one cares more about the integrity of your exams than your own test administrators and proctors.  That’s why we’ve created a robust software solution that enables your existing staff to proctor your students’ exams remotely.  Our scalable platform works in conjunction with your existing exam registration and delivery software (including all major LMS’s) and ensures a seamless testing process for your students.

Every individual student’s exam session is archived for future review if needed, and your instructors and test administrators have the power to choose the security requirements for each exam.

We provide all the required training and necessary support.  You no longer have to trust your proctoring needs to an outside vendor for online testing.  Our Institutional SaaS Remote Proctoring platform is a cost-effective solution that keeps you in control. 

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Bring Remote Proctoring In-House with Proctor360

When learning and assessment go remote, you can be in control.  Proctor360’s Institutional SaaS Remote Proctoring platform is capable of scaling to as many proctors and exam sessions as your institution or test center requires.  Your instructors can use in-class instruction time to its fullest advantage by moving quizzes and exams to the cloud, and you can protect the integrity of all exams by making remote proctoring an “in-house operation”.

Proctor360’s vision is to build the tools that will make remote testing (and by extension, remote learning) a valid and respected form of education for all.  Our understanding of the tools and features test centers and administrators needs has driven us to create the most robust and feature-rich solution available.

With our software, your staff can be up and running in very little time - proctoring your students’ online exams with complete control.  Let us show you how easy it is to get started...

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