Online Testing: A Convenient Option for Students

COVID-19 has presented the new reality of remote learning for many students, and remote learning has presented its own set of complex challenges. But after almost a year of virtual teaching, educational institutions have started to get the hang of it, and students are beginning to see the bright side.


COVID-19 And The Technology Gap In Higher Ed: A Student's Perspective

College student Neha Panagrigrahi explores the challenges faced by higher education students during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the technology gap has hurt the perceived value of education in 2020.  She discusses the solutions many universities initially turned to and how they failed.  Her insight is highlighted by a call for learning institutions to adopt platforms that will restore the credibility of higher education and training in a post-Covid world.


Remote Proctoring Essential To E-Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic

When the spread of the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19 first reached pandemic scale in March 2020, one of the most difficult decisions many communities faced was what to do about schools.  Many institutions were ill-prepared to deliver instruction in an online setting so that students could continue their classes and training from home. 


Proctor360 forges ahead with manufacturing ahead of the final close of the StartEngine campaign

There are mere days before the final close of our StartEngine campaign, and we are already hard at work with our manufacturers to get the initial production run completed and delivered for QA testing.  By utilizing 3D printing technology, our CTO and product designer, Kranthi Bathula has been able to approach the process of product design improvement in an agile way that is yielding fast results.


Scott Crumpler Joins Tech Startup Proctor360 As Advisor

Richmond, VA – Scott Crumpler has joined the remote testing tech company Proctor360 as an advisor as they begin seeking investment for their 360° online test proctoring technology. Scott’s twenty year career as a marketing professional has spanned multiple roles helping companies to develop successful strategies at various stages. As


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