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Remote Proctoring Essential To E-Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Proctor360 is an emerging leader in EdTech and remote testing technology based in the Washington D.C. area.  Founded by industry veterans with successful backgrounds in both live testing centers and remote testing startups, the Proctor360 team is driven by innovation.

Co-founders Ganga and Kranthi Bathula recognized the growing need for online testing, and they accurately predicted that live testing centers would soon fail to measure up.  While live centers were straining maximum capacity, they also realized that existing remote testing platforms failed to prevent all forms of cheating.  

Our Team

Industry Veterans And Emerging Innovators

Ganga Bathula

Founder & CEO

Kranthi Bathula

Co-founder & CTO

Don Kassner

Strategic Advisor

George Siragusa

Chief Strategist

Jimmy Torrico

Sales Manager

Scott Crumpler

Marketing Manager

Wyatt Courtwright

Test Adminstrator

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