The most comprehensive and secure remote testing option on the market.

360° Total View is the most advanced remote proctoring system. It utilizes both software and hardware, including a patent-pending headset that captures a complete 360° view of a testing space to let proctors see (and hear) it all.

 We use a headset with a 360° camera to gain a complete view of the testing space.

The headset consists of a 360° camera, a microphone to allow a proctor to listen to the environment, and a speaker for a proctor to communicate with the test-taker. This, coupled with a computer webcam and screen capture software, allows proctors to get a multi-angle view of any space.

With Proctor360’s proprietary headset, your certification organization or university will find that this all-encompassing, circular view provides a more concise proctoring experience. This remote proctoring solution works with both online and paper assessments.

No other company, product, or service offers this level of security for remote testing.

Benefits of 360° Total View include:

  • Remote security that equals an in-person testing environment
  • Point-of-view video capture from both a headset and a computer
  • Recordings that a professor or administrator can review
Online Exams Paper Exams Online/Paper Hybrid

The Testing Process

The Proctor360 Total View Testing Process

Take Online Exams From Anywhere With COMPLETE Security

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