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One platform featuring the most flexible and secure options for proctoring exams online.

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A New Approach To Remote Proctoring...

More flexible. More secure. More reliable.

Our remote proctoring options are designed with the modern learner in mind, providing flexibility, security, and reliability all in one. With the ability to take proctored exams from anywhere with a reliable internet connection, students and professionals can take exams at their convenience without having to travel to a physical testing center.

Our state-of-the-art security measures ensure that exams are protected from any potential misconduct during every session, making it possible to maintain the integrity of the testing process.

Our proprietary technology and experienced support team ensure that exams run smoothly and without interruption, providing a seamless and stress-free experience for your test candidates. By combining flexibility, security, and reliability, our remote proctoring options are the ideal solution for today's fast-paced, remote learning environment.

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"Test Center Grade" Security Delivered Anywhere

Remote proctoring that sees everything.

When it comes to delivering high stakes exams online, a standard webcam simply doesn't offer enough security.  For true "Test Center Grade" security, Proctor360 has developed the 360 Total View™ headset (patent pending).  This lightweight ,proprietary device incorporates a 360-degree camera that captures a complete view of the test candidate's environment during their proctored session.

For the highest level of security and integrity in remote proctoring, look no further than Proctor360's 360 Total View solution.

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A True End-to-End Solution

Every test is different. Don't settle for restrictions.

Most providers only do remote proctoring one way.  Proctor360 is different.  Our platform supports multiple types of proctoring so that you can configure EVERY exam with the security level and options most appropriate for the test.

Institutions that offer a variety of exams online face many challenges to the integrity of their program when their proctoring vendor provides limited options.  Our goal has always been to provide complete flexibility to configure each exam for the type of proctoring and individual security options that you decide are most appropriate.

Choose between several Live and AI proctoring types-- and even use our platform to proctor your own students' exams when necessary or desired.  We know of no other provider offering such a complete, flexible, end to end solution.

Students can test from anywhere when institutions have flexible remote proctoring options for every exam.
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A Flexible Range of Remote Proctoring Services

Proctor360 offers a complete range of remote proctoring types with customizable service options that allows you to configure each and every exam with the most appropriate settings.  Don't let other providers limit your options.  Proctor360's range of services put you in control of your online test security.

AI Auto-proctoring

  • THE Non-disruptive AI
  • Automated Check-in
  • Automated ID Verification
  • Records Screen, Cam, & Audio
  • Flags Potential Incidents
  • 24/7 Availability

Single Webcam Live

  • Live Proctor Check-in
  • Live Session Intervention
  • Records Screen, Cam, & Audio
  • Live Student Text & Audio Chat
  • Secure Exam Password Entry
  • 24/7 Availability

Multi-cam Live

  • Cell Phone as 2nd Camera!
  • Records All Views/Audio
  • See Candidate's Desktop
  • More Visibility = More Secure
  • See What The Webcam Can't
  • 24/7 Availability

360 Total View™

  • "Test Center Grade" Security
  • Patented Testing Headset
  • Captures the Entire Space
  • Records All Views/Audio
  • Online AND Paper Exams
  • 24/7 Availability

Proctoring Software

  • Designed For Testing Centers
  • Proctor Your Own Candidates
  • Built-in Scheduling
  • Live and AI Features
  • Live Student Text & Audio Chat
  • Affordable Per-Session Pricing

Trusted globally by many organizations and institutions.

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