Proctor360 Wins 5-Year Contract With US State Department

Oct 18, ’21 | Written by Kranthi

We're proud to announce that our latest customer is the United States Government.  Proctor360 has been contracted by the US Department of State to provide remote proctoring and exam administration for the Office of Foreign Missions.  We will provide all personnel, resources, and supplies necessary to complete the development, deployment, and maintenance of a remote proctoring service for use by foreign mission members.

This new program will enable foreign mission members to take written exams remotely, rather than in-person, when required by the Department of State for the issuance of a driver's license.  The contract will last up to 5 years, and Proctor360 will retain results of the examination as well as exam session data for one year from the date of testing for each applicant.

We are gratified to have won this contract with the United States Government, and we look forward to leveraging our technology and services to serve their mission as we strive to offer the most flexible, efficient, and powerful solutions for remote proctoring available anywhere.

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