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Rules for FLATS Exam:

• Make sure your test space is clear and the room is closed when taking the exam- no one may enter the room while you are taking the exam.

• Have your computer charged or plugged in before beginning the exam.

• You will be given an exam link; you may only have the Proctoring tab and the tab where the exam is taken open throughout your session.

• Exam should be completed in 1 sitting.

• You are allowed 1-bathroom break, not to exceed 5 mins. Exam timer will be running during break. We recommend you use the restroom prior to beginning the exam.

• You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to take the FLATS exam, the proctor will message you 15 minutes prior to the end, you must finish within the remaining time or an incident will be marked and your exam score may be revoked. 

• When you are finished answering all exam questions click “Submit” to end the exam session. An official hardcopy will be sent to the school indicated on your registration form.

• If you experience internet failure or are closed out of the proctoring session, you may check back in using the same proctoring link sent to your email.

• If you experience internet failure or are closed out of your exam you will be able to log in again and resume where you left off.

• You are required to do a 360 spin of your laptop or webcam to show the test environment.

• The proctor will provide you with the Link to the Exam in the chat box. The proctor will also provide the Student Password and Confirmation Number.

• You will be required to show a form of ID, only Student IDs will be accepted (no Government Issued IDs)