Proctor360 captures the front web camera  view of the test taker and the entire screen of the test takers computer for single camera remote proctoring. We offer Live and Record and Review options. During Live sessions proctor monitors the test taker throughout their session to verify nothing inappropriate is happening. Record and Review sessions are reviewed after a session is complete.

The candidate is checked-in and verified through a Face photo and ID, making sure the appropriate person is taking their exam. Once checked-in they are directed to their exam. Proctor360's system is completely browser based, meaning it requires no downloads. We work with most LMSs and Test Engines and also allow for background programs to run that are needed for accessibility.

The Proctor360 Single Cam Remote Proctoring Platform

The Testing Process

The Proctor360 Total View Testing Process

Affordable, Secure Remote Proctoring

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