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Live Proctors. Simple Setup.

Proctor360’s single camera remote proctoring software captures the front webcam view of a test-taker, as well as the entire screen of a test-taker’s computer.

Proctor360 offers both Live and Record & Review options. During live sessions, proctors monitor test-takers throughout their sessions to verify that nothing inappropriate happens. Proctors watch recorded review sessions after a testing session is complete to ensure no cheating or content theft occurred.

Benefits of Single Cam Proctoring:

  • No hardware or downloads required
  • Flexible live and recorded options for proctoring
  • Identity verification and continuous monitoring
  • Affordable solution for less critical exams
The Proctor360 Single Cam Remote Proctoring Platform

The Testing Process

The Proctor360 Total View Testing Process

Affordable, Secure Remote Proctoring

To ensure the appropriate person is taking an exam, the test-taker is checked-in and verified through a face photo and ID prior to starting the test. Once checked in, the test-taker is directed to their virtual exam to begin. 

Proctor360’s system is completely browser-based, so it doesn’t require any downloads. Proctor360 works with most learning management systems and test engines, and allows for background programs to run if needed for accessibility.

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