How do I schedule an exam?

Test takers can schedule their exams through the Proctor360 website here or through their Organization.

I need to cancel or reschedule my testing appointment

You can go online or contact our support number at (804)908-1802 to reschedule your exam. You must reschedule your appointment 24 hours before your testing appointment or your exam fee is forfeit.

I am experiencing test issues

You can either reach out to the proctor monitoring your exam via the chat function or contact our support number at: (804)980-1802

How do I contact Proctor360 Customer Service?

You can reach our customer support at (804)980-1802

Who is proctoring my exam?

Proctor360 will assign one of our trained proctors to monitor your exam.

How do I receive the Proctor360 system?

Once you have registered for an exam, Proctor360 will ship out the system to your address.

How do I return the Proctor360 system?

The Proctor360 system can be returned in the same packaging it arrives in.

When can I return the Proctor360 system?

You can drop off the package at a local UPS or schedule a pickup time for your package.

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